Monday, August 17, 2015


After all the trips to AJ's Feathered Friends in Elgin, Il with Jen and Sydney, I finally brought a little bird home for John and me.  As beautiful as the big Macaws are, I am not into a big bird, so I chose a little parrotlet.  Supposedly, parrotlets are as smart as their big parrot relatives, but in a tiny body.  I named him Nipper as when we held him for the first time, he was nipping my hand quite a bit.  And since these little guys do bite at times, Nipper is the perfect name. I had read that they like being by people.  We brought him home on Saturday afternoon and he already likes being by a person~~me.  Actually, since I am the only one here, I am his only choice~~lol!!!!  He has beautiful coloring, a variety of blues and grays.   I hope that as he gets accustomed to no cage mates and new surroundings that he starts to do little cute tricks like Harmony used to do.  Parrolet voices are quiet, but they do talk.  I am looking forward to hearing what words he picks up.  Time to go watch him for a while and see what he does in his cage.   Have a great day!

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