Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Day at Matthew's

Yesterday we spent the entire day at Matt's house. As many of you know, he owns a house on the Fox River.  It was a perfect weather day and a perfect day spent with our German friends.  The day was about family and friends and enjoying time together.  There were ATV's to ride, kayaks to paddle and a rowboat. Sydney found a sport she thoroughly enjoyed~~rowing.  She went out with her Mom and Annika to try it and when they came back down the river, Sydney was doing the rowing!!!  She then offered to take me and Oma Barbel for a rowboat ride and we accepted.  She is a little thing for rowing a boat with us in it~~lol!!! And to top it off, she then succeeded in kayaking!  The day ended with all of us being tired from the fresh air, laughter, food and activities, but we all have some very special memories that will need to be journaled and/or scrapbooked!  Have a great day!

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