Monday, August 31, 2015

Our Little Birds

Jen, Syd & Mark got good news this week~~their new baby Eclectus has arrived!  We all met little Toby on Saturday and it was such a happy occasion. We have been waiting for him for a while and this little seven week old baby should be in his new home by Halloween.  By the time we were ready to leave little Toby, he was sound asleep against his favorite little girl. 

And I have to update you on our little Nipper!  He is so cute and such good company.  He loves to be on or next to  someone.  As you can see, when Sydney was over, he wanted to be on and near her. Nipper has come a long way in just the short time he has been here.  I look forward to letting him out of his cage in the morning while we have our coffee and read the paper and he sits on our shoulders.  He nibbles on millet or other little snacks and drinks water out of a little saucer I keep on the table for him.  And then he makes a big mess when he flaps his little wings and the little seeds fly all over the table and floor!  Last night he was in my office with me and for no reason he sat in my hand letting me pet him and he stayed there for a long while as content as can be.   I love this little guy and he has become pretty attached to me, too!!  Have a great week!

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