Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Thank You

When I was in the hospital after the stroke, the doctor came to see me before discharging me.  She had an accent, but I understood her clearly~~or so I thought! She did little tests and then told me to repeat words: "mama" and I repeated with "mama"; "velvet" and I repeated with "velvet: and lastly she said, "tank you" and I said, "tank you".  The doctor smiled and said, "No, tank you" emphasizing "tank you".  So I repeated "tank you" with much emphasis on it.  The doctor smiled, looked at Jen and John and said, "That's good enough."  So she tells me I can go home and leaves the room.  Jenny bursts out laughing and tells me that the doctor wanted me to repeat the phrase "thank you"!!!! I didn't figure that out so clearly I did not understand her!  A few days later I saw a Lawn Fawn stamp set, Fintastic Friends, that I had to have.  When I was up to it, I made Jen this "tank you" card, which was the perfect thank you card!  Have a great day and find yourself a little stampin' time.

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