Thursday, October 8, 2015

Nipper and Toby

Instead of a card I am going to share my cute little Nipper and Toby updates. I have had Nipper for about 7 weeks now and he is a good little friend.  He is very content to just be sitting on my shoulder, but in the evening when I watch TV, Nipper totally enjoys being held in my hand while I pet him.  When Sydney is here, he loves it as she plays with him almost non-stop.  Here is a picture of her getting ready to take a picture of Nipper on her cell phone.  Instead he got on her cell phone and was checking out what was on the screen.  Jen & Syd's little Toby is growing.  Last week he was not feeling very well (enough so that we were very worried)  but the owner of AJ's Feathered Friends in Elgin, IL took him home with her and gave him some special attention~~like hand feedings at three in the morning.  Yesterday we went to visit with Toby and he was playing and back to investigating and looking for cuddles from all of us.  I never thought birds could be such good little companions.  But they certainly are!  When we go to AJ's to visit Toby, we play with a number of the birds and each one has their own personality. Lola is a favorite!  She is a cockatoo and when you sing Copa Cabana she dances!!  Stanley is a Severe Macaw who will be going home soon, but he comes right to me when I talk to him.  He is a little cuddler, too.  There is one little green parrotlet left at AJ's and if I wasn't so taken with Nipper I would consider a second parrotlet.  But for me, one little bird is all I need.  Life truly is better with a bird!!  Have a great weekend and find yourself a little stampin' time!

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