Friday, March 14, 2014

Names With the Explore

The Cricut Explore has its advantages and disadvantages.  The writing feature is an advantage.  Today's post includes pictures of name tags I made using the Explore.  I chose a banner from the images I have access to in Design Space.  After choosing a font, I added text, hit go and it took me to the cutting mats.  The Explore cut the pink tag layer and then went back and printed the name.  Since each banner had a different name, it took a little time to keep changing the text, but not that much.  If I was drawing or writing using the same design on the same cut, this would have taken a lot less time.  Once the gray layers were cut, all I had to do was assemble them.  The brown tag is another image available to me.  It came with three layers, but since I was only trying out the write feature, I just used the one layer.  Again, I added text to the label, pressed go and the Explore cut and wrote on the label.  The outline on the label is part of the image I chose.  The Cricut has two holders (for lack of a better word). So while one holder is for the blade, the other is for a pen or score tool, so no changing out the blade for the marker!  For now I only have the gray metallic pen that came with my Explore but a set that is specifically for the Explore in on its way.  I will be playing with my Explore over the weekend~~that's for sure!  Have a great day and a great weekend!

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