Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Scrap Board

A person on Splitcoast wondered how to evenly line up letters on scrap pages. I answered her post and thought I would also address that issue on my blog. Many times when I scrap, my titles are not in a straight line. I slant the letters a little or place one letter a little higher then the previous letter or I use my Cricut and weld the letters together. But when I want my title to be very even, I use my handy magnet board. My husband made this for me and I love it. The magnetic surface is approximately 13" x 13" so it holds a piece of 12" x 12" paper/cardstock nicely with room left for the magnets. I have the Making Memories paper trimmer and that trimmer comes with a magnetic ruler. I use the ruler on my board so I know that once I have the ruler level, the letters will be level, too. I also use this board when I am designing my pages. I use the magnets to hold pieces in place and move them around before I adhere anything. My hubby made me two, so that I can work on both pages of a two-page layout at the same time. The board folds up and has a handle for portability. This is one of my scrap room tools that gets a lot of use. And speaking of my scrap room, time to spend some time in it. Stay warm!

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