Friday, October 14, 2016

Popcorn Treat Bags

Today's posts are from my friend, Kathy Z.  She was at my house yesterday working on some very cute Halloween treat bags she is making and I just had to post one of them.  The polka dot treat bags she purchased online and fitting inside is the ACT II popcorn pictured.  Her husband was at the Jewel where he saw the popcorn and called to tell her about it.  (I am smiling as I write this because our husbands really do pay attention to us, when we least expect it!)  She stamped the owls in a variety of colors~~orange, purple and green~~using sequins for the eyes.  A circle of yellow for the moon is waiting for a little tag that is stamped with the words "happy haunting".  Have a great weekend and enjoy the color that is beginning to appear in all the trees!  And~~Go Cubs Go!

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