Monday, October 24, 2016

From Sydney

This weekend, Sydney and I had a girls' weekend.   We watched Property Brothers, played with
Nipper, ate junk food, watched tv in bed with Nipper and went house-hunting with Matthew!  When I was making dinner on Saturday, Syd and Nipper were down in my scrap room.  She told me she was working on a surprise.  After dinner she and Nipper went back to work.  I took my time cleaning up the kitchen and when I went downstairs she had a good portion of her creation layed out on the counter.  I promised not to look while she worked.  She did ask me to put pearls on little purple flowers.  When she was just about finished, she told me to come look and I saw this beautiful Nipper Frame!  I was thrilled.  I know she is 12, but she was able to figure out how large to make the squares and the layers and put it all together to fit on the 12 x 12 cardstock piece.  She used punches, the large SU letter framelits and the new Square framelits.  I have extra frames in my storage area, so she even put it in the frame.  I love her and I love that she made this for me all on her own.  I surely am a very proud Grandma Gay.  Jen and Mark are raising a beautiful person.  I love my family so much and I am so blessed.  Have a great day!

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