Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Perfect Forever Stamp!

My personal enabler introduced me to a new product she thought I would like.  And she was right!  (Thank you, Regina!) I do like them; I did purchase some and I am sharing this product with all of you.

Direct from the United States Postal Service website:  "People are returning to a more meaningful, more joyful way to connect with one another: sending and receiving handwritten letters and cards.  From Me To You features not only 20 Forever Stamps, but also stickers and labels for decorating envelopes, letters and greeting cards.  It's a fun and creative way to personalize your message." 

These are Forever Stamps and cost .49 each or $9.80 for a page of 20 stamps.  I ordered 3 pages and the shipping charge was $1.30.  Hopefully the link below will take you directly to that USPS page from which you can place your order.   From Me To You Forever® Stamps | USPS  

Or maybe you can just go to your local Post Office and pick some up.  If the link did not work, go to; click on Postal Store and stamps; scroll down to the You and Me image; and click on it.  I usually choose stamps with flags, flowers or birds.  But I think these stamps will look very cute on the handmade cards I send.  Have a great day!

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