Wednesday, June 18, 2014

No Card Today!

Today I want to share a couple of photos of Sydney at camp.  I am just so proud of her!  Sydney was a very shy toddler.  Jen worked with her continually introducing her to new experiences and leaving her in preschool while Sydney was crying.  She enrolled her in various local camps/programs and Sydney has blossomed.  Earlier this Spring,  Sydney heard about this camp with a program for Junior Vets.  She told Jenny and Mark that she really wanted to attend.  They talked about the realities such as she would be there for a week, it was far away from home,  it was rather expensive and that would be her summer vacation.  She thought about it and nothing changed her desire to attend.  Syd applied to the camp and was accepted.  Shortly after that, their school district announced it was offering summer camp scholarships.  Jenny suggested she apply and write the required essay.  Sydney did so and was awarded a scholarship of something like $150.  She was ecstatic that she earned some of her camp money!  (So were her mom and dad!)  Anyway when the kids arrived at camp on Sunday, they each had their photo taken with the llama.  You can see her happiness in this photo.   And then on Monday a picture of Sydney patiently waiting for the Mommy Lemur and her babies to take the little piece of food that was on her knee was posted for parents on the camp website.  Sydney looks so content and peaceful that I get tears in my eyes..  The little girl I went to Brookfield Zoo with when she was about two and wanted to play vet with a stuffed lemur in the kids' play area has turned into this beautiful almost 10 year old young lady~~sitting with real lemurs.   I just am so proud that she is growing up so beautifully~~thanks to Mom and Dad!  What a blessing!

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