Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sun Star Flower

Many years ago we went on a Christmas Walk in a neighboring town. A florist gave each person visiting a "Star of Bethlehem Flower". It was a beautiful flower~~all white and each day more blossoms would open. But I never was able to find another flower like that. Well low and behold, while looking for a Mother's Day plant, these beautiful orange and yellow potted plants jumped out at me. The orange plant was beautiful, but the blossoms on them were already opened and I did want them opened just yet. So I picked up a yellow plant and I read the name~~Sun Star. (Not only did I think the plant was beautiful, but the name was perfect!) I looked at the flowers and wondered if this plant was related to that Star of Bethlehem plant from many years ago. I purchased the plant and when I arrived home I looked it up on the internet. And sure enough, it is in the same family as that Star of Bethlehem flower. I have had the pleasure of watching this plant bloom all week. It is so bright and colorful that I feel as though I have my own personal sunshine sitting on my counter. And since it is back to cool and rainy here, I wanted to share this beautiful plant and a little sunshine with you. Have a wonderful day and find yourself a little stampin' time!

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