Friday, April 1, 2011

SU Clearance Rack

I just had to let my readers know about the great deals in the Clearance Rack section of my SU website! I ordered a number of items, but some really stood out for me. Everything is discontinued, but there are sets of discontinued markers~~in other words, from the old color collections~~i.e., Bold Brights for $12.79 plus tax and shipping. There are also Earth Elements for the same price. So if you are looking for some Stampin' Up markers and do not mind the fact that some of the colors are not current, this is a great buy. I purchased these sets for Sydney. She will love having her own SU markers~~and Jenny will, too! There is ribbon, buttons and a whole lot more. Plus there are some grab bags. Now I did not purchase any of those, but for $5, $10 or $15, I am sure there are some decent discontinued items worth a lot more than that in the bag. Items on the clearance rack can only be purchased as on-line orders. So go over to my website and take advantage of the deals from the clearance rack. THESE ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST & all sales are final!

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