Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thank You!

Once again, I have the chance to say thank you to all of those who have served or are serving in the United States military.  You are a special group of people.  John's Dad served in the Army and  my Dad proudly served in the United States Navy.  My Dad's time in the Navy was something he always talked about with us.  He treasured his Navy years.  And then when my children got older and he told stories of things he did in the Navy, he would tell those stories with tears in his eyes.  As he said, he had no idea when he was 17 and on the battleship USS Iowa off of Japan that he was part of history.   And when we (John, Jen, Matt & I) went to Key West for the first time and I saw the little White House, I could almost picture my Dad playing ball on the lawn there.  He was also stationed on President Truman's presidential yacht, the USS Williamsburg and he would talk about cruising down to Key West from Washington D.C. and playing ball on the front lawn and swimming in the Gulf while President Truman worked from the Little White House.  My Dad was a good man and a very proud sailor.  And I continue to be proud for him and of him.  I am sure you all have your stories to tell about your loved ones who served or are serving in the military.  Don't ever forget them and pass their stories on to the next generation.   Because of them, we have our freedom.  And please, if you see a military person today or any day, thank him or her!  Have a great day!

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