Thursday, May 29, 2014

Didn't Work too Well!!

I saw a few beautiful cards on the web that were created using the Reflection Technique.  I watched a video of this technique in which watercolor pencils were used.  I wanted to accomplish the technique using Stampin' Up ink and an aqua painter.  Well, the photo with purple flowers are two of the better attempts out of I do not even know how many attempts!   The two completed cards are the best attempts~~but I still need some practice~~did I say some?  I was finally doing ok with water coloring the tulips as if they were laying on their side with their reflection in a puddle of water.  But the reflections are too dark.  And then, when I swipe across the reflections with white paint, the swipe is just to wide.  It is always a challenge to try something new, but for some reason I am having a real problem with the Reflection Technique.  It is a good thing I purchased water color paper when Michael's had a buy two, get one free sale!!!  I think I need to watch a few more videos~~lol! When I get the hang of it, we will do this technique in a class.  Have a great day!


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